Dress Code

TRUMAN M.S. Student Dress Code Standards


ALL Clothing- No exposed skin from the collar bone to three inches above the knees.

No See-through materials. Patterns, brand logos and colors permitted providing they meet all guidelines below.

Masks must meet CDC guidelines of multi-layered material and worn fully covering the nose and mouth.




Any Color

Or Truman Gear

·               No hoods may be up indoors

·               Light jackets above the knees indoors

·               No tears, holes or cuts collar bone to knee

·               No bare shoulders/ tanks or thin straps


Any Color

Except White

·         Shorts-no higher than 3” above the knee

·         No sagging- must be at waist or belted if loose

·         Modest dresses no more than 3” above knees              and must wear with leggings or shorts

·         No tears, holes or cuts higher than 3” above                the knees


Any color

·         Must have toe covering and backs/heel straps              and soles

·         No sandals, slides, slippers or moccasins

·         No wooden, metal or plastic shoes/crocks

·         No heels higher than 2”




·         Must be safe, non-suggestive and not                           disruptive/ not light up or noisy

·         Backpacks, purses or fanny packs must be                    stored in lockers when available

·         No spiked or dog collars, chains, wristbands,                or gloves worn indoors

·         No lanyards, bandanas or straps hanging out              of pockets

·         No hooks, gages or spikes

·         No sunglasses or nonprescription eyewear


        The items listed as not permitted in the Description column above and also not allowed: 

Bandanas/neck scarves or gaiters  *  Caps/hats/beanies  *  Chains   *  Costumes  *  Do-Rags  *  Onesies

Pajama wear  *  Spikes  *  Stapled  *  Taped/pinned  *  Visible underwear, top or bottom

All items can never promote negative references or any of the following: 

Alcohol * Bigotry  *  Drugs *   Gangs  *  Racism  *  Sex/ Sexual  *  Suicide/self-harm  *  Tobacco  *  Vandalism  *   Violence